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Funeral tools to help with end of life

Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to arrange funerals and cremations to suit every need and budget. We offer prices on prepaid funerals and affordable cremations. We also offer affordable last will and testament online will kit, eulogy writing templates, do-it-yourself funeral stationery and DIY funeral reception planning info.

Funeral Bookings

If you need to book a funeral today, we can help find a funeral at the right price. From beginning to end, we take care of everything. you can focus on what matters most.

Prepaid Funerals

Don’t get caught off guard with last-minute decisions. Plan ahead now so you can focus on what’s important. Prepay a cremation funeral today with a prepaid funeral plan.

Online Wills

Write your Last Will and Testament in under 15 minutes. Simple online Wills designed for getting your affairs in order.

Explore our range of funeral planning resources

Here at we’re redefining what funerals can be. Gone are the days of expensive funerals at traditional funeral homes.

Our cremation funeral package includes a bunch of DIY planning resources, giving you the tools to create a funeral that is as unique as your loved one.


Create a legal will in minutes

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Video & Stationery

Create funeral booklet or memorial video

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Write a eulogy

AI Eulogy Tool.

Eulogy Tool

Frequently asked questions

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How do I express condolences at a funeral?

When it comes time to show respect at a funeral, it can be hard to know what to say.


How do I get qualified as a funeral director in California?

Being a funeral director is an interesting and rewarding profession that means varying and meaningful work.


10 Ways to Build an Alternative Memorial Service

A memorial service is a gathering held to honor and remember a deceased individual.