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Doulas hold sacred space at end of life

End of life doulas can become involved in a person's life at any time, offering support when they are impacted by a life-changing illness


10 Ways to Build an Alternative Memorial Service

A memorial service is a gathering held to honor and remember a deceased individual.

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Psychedelic therapies at end of life

Psychedelic therapies are a new and emerging field of medicine with the potential to revolutionize the way we care for people at the end of life.


How can I use art to process grief?

When it comes to grief, it’s possible for art to provide a powerful outlet for processing and expressing complex


DIY Ceremony by William Heath

Planning a funeral can be a deeply personal and meaningful way to honor a loved one. 


How do I express condolences at a funeral?

When it comes time to show respect at a funeral, it can be hard to know what to say.


Do-It-Yourself Funerals? Are You Serious?

Yes, we are! Here’s how you can take control of funeral arrangements, ensuring a truly personal experience


Cemeteries in California

California, the largest state in the United States by population, is home to a diverse range of cemeteries that hold a wealth of history and significance. These cemeteries reflect


Do I have to have a funeral service, or can I just have my loved one cremated

The organization around death can be tricky to navigate, and when it comes to burying a loved one


The Benefits of Creating a Last Will and Testament

Creating a last Will and testament is a wise and sensible act that carries numerous benefits for individuals and their loved ones.


How to Arrange a Funeral

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is an incredibly challenging and emotional experience.


I want to arrange a funeral

All the necessary funeral services and products in one place


Do I need a funeral director to come to my house?

In many cases, a funeral director's presence can be helpful and provide support during the funeral 


Can I use a simple legal Will for my Last Will and Testament? Or do I need to spend a lot of money?

There’s a lot of advice out there about the right ways to make a Last Will and Testament. You can spend hours searching


How do I get qualified as a funeral director in California?

Being a funeral director is an interesting and rewarding profession that means varying and meaningful work.


How can I help my parents create their own Last Will and Testament?

Creating a Last Will and Testament is a significant task that helps to ensure your parents' wishes are


How can a death doula help me with end of life?

Also known as an end-of-life doula or a death midwife, a death doula is a non-medical professional who provides  


How can I help my parents plan their own funerals?

Planning for one's own funeral is a deeply personal and emotionally charged undertaking.

The power of trees

A mature tree absorbs between 22 lbs and 48 lbs (10 kg and 22 kg) of carbon dioxide each year.