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Write Your Own Life Story

It couldn't be easier...

Don't let your family's tales be forgotten! Snap them up and spread the word for the generations to come. Every two weeks, we send fun email prompts to chosen family members. These prompts cover a wide range of topics like childhood memories, hobbies, family traditions, personal values, and life lessons. Our prompts are crafted to ignite deep conversations and introspection, and the answers are gathered into a stunning digital book. This book can be shared with your dear ones, and will forever hold the cherished stories and experiences unique to your family.

Our aim is to offer families a means to bond and discover more about one another, all while safeguarding their memories and customs for the generations to revel in.

Have you considered documenting your life story in a book?

Wouldn’t it be a shame not to share all the experiences and adventures you've had with your conservative grandchildren who might be surprised to learn about your wilder side?

Join the My Life Memoir Club today and leave behind a legacy that will inspire generations to come. You’ll receive …

  • Fortnightly emails from our caring team
  • Writing prompts that encourage you to think about the stories your life contains
  • A step-by-step process guiding you through compiling and saving your stories

By chronicling your life story, you’ll pass on valuable lessons and wisdom, as well as leaving behind a personal account of the events and people who shaped your life.

Let's Start Writing